About Us

Spreaders Direct is based in the heart of Dalston near Carlisle, in Cumbria. We have been manufacturing Transpread spreaders for customers around the UK for 20 years. Our aim is to deliver exceptionally high products that are suitable, durable and reliable for our customers’ needs, alongside providing a first class service that offers expert advice and back up spares.


Each spreader is designed with the customers’ needs at the forefront; over the years there has been a variety of spreaders produced that are completely unique. Our spreader capacities range from 2,000kg to 12,000kg.


MFL Engineering was established in 1967 and to this day is continuously proving a range of engineering and fabrication services to well-established customers around the UK.                  Spreaders Direct works within MFL Engineering, the machining and fabrication workshop compliments the Transpread area well as it helps to manufacture our products to the highest quality.

We look forward to answering your enquiries and developing a trusted relationship in the future whilst continuing to provide our excellent service for many more years to come.