V500 T3.0 Chain Spreader

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The Transpread V500 T3.0 Chain Spreader is an economical robust and corrosion resistant machine. It is well suited for lime, fibrofoss and bulk downgrade fertiliser. 
Entry level spreader suitable for farm use with a 2.4m long hopper with a nominal capacity of 2,750 Litres.
These are much easier to drive than the belt machines due to the lower friction moving parts which makes it easier on the gearbox, shafts and bearings.
As all machines are built to individual customer requirements, many options such as screens, covers, wheels, tyres and axles are available as well as features such as different build heights which can be incorporated during construction of the machine.

Spreader Details

The general specification of the V500 T3.0 is as follows:

  • Stainless steel hopper at 2.4m long, this is usually supplied unpainted

  • 500mm wide chain assembly to empty hopper, running on low friction polyethylene floor

  • Hopper chain is driven by a rear shaft mounted 3 speed gearbox taking drive by jockey from the road wheel

  • Application rates governed by hopper rear door opening and gear ratio chosen, full rates charts in operators manual

  • Twin 575mm diameter spinner discs driven by individual Danfoss hydraulic motors

  • Spinner speed controlled by front panel mounted flow control valve, this can be left fully open and speed controlled from the cab on tractors with electronic spool valve

  • Spinner speed monitored by cab mounted 12v tachometer

  • 8 stud axle with 300x65mm hydraulic brakes however other options available

  • 550/45x22.5 or 550/60x22.5 tyres as standard however many other sizes are available