830 T4.0 Belt Spreader

The Transpread 830 T4.0 is a medium sized machine that is suitable for the larger farm, estate or contractor use. 
These machines are simple yet the sturdy construction makes them ideal for farm use and maintenance. The slightly deeper hopper provides a greater nominal capacity of 4,000 litres.
As all machines are built to individual customer requirements, many options such as screens, covers, wheels, tyres and axles are available as well as features such as different build heights which can be incorporated during construction of the machine.

Spreader Details

The general specification of the T4.0 is as follows:

  • 3.0m long mild steel hopper that is slightly deeper (stainless steel is an option) and a nominal capacity from 4,000 litres

  • 830mm wide cleated endless belt

  • 675mm diameter spinner discs

  • 50cc Danfoss spinner motors - 80cc for liming

  • Flow control valve on front panel to control spinner speed and protect spinner motors, this can be left fully open and the speed governed from the cab on a tractor with electronic spool valves

  • 12v cab mounted tachometer to monitor spinner speed

  • Twin or single rear hopper doors (single for liming to minimise obstructions to the lime)

  • Spinner deflectors available for fertiliser or liming operations

  • 3 speed gearbox driven by jockey from road wheel

  • Application rates governed by door opening and gear ratio chosen, full rates charts in operators manual

  • Standard tyres fitted are 600/55x22.5 on 8 stud rims 

  • Standard axle is an 80x80 full beam with 350x60 hydraulic brakes

  • A range of colours are available in two pack marine grade paint